Yemeni SEC warns against COVID-19 massive spread in Taiz

Taiz - Debrefer
2020-06-19 | Since 3 Month

Taiz is risking a massive spread of COVID-19, spokesman for the Supreme Emergency Committee (SEC) warned on Thursday after the Yemeni southwestern city had run out of testing solutions provided by WHO and due to lack of daily statistic updates on the virus.
"The lack of day-to-day statistics means cut of testing and other medical supplies to the governorate," Dr. Ahmed al-Haj, also director of Taiz central lab, added on Facebook.
Throughout three days, the SEC has received 260 reports and calls from different districts of Taiz governorate, he wrote.
However, he said "105 samples for coronavirus-suspected cases were not tested or dealt with, because of absence of solutions.
"We cannot respond or take samples and PCR tests to define the pandemic course, neither we can refer cases to isolation centers since the tests' stock finished," he added.
The SEC's lack of daily updates gives seriously negative signs to stakeholders and makes people overlook preventive precautions, while the cut of medical supplies and absence of solutions confused healthcare workers and would lead to wider spread of the pandemic, Haj said.
According to its latest statistics, Taiz has recorded 204 cases infected with COVID-19 including 48 deaths and 22 recoveries.

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