STC sets conditions to implement military, security part in Riyadh Agreement

2020-08-22 | Since 9 Month

Saudi military committee which arrived in Aden to start arrangements for implementing military and security part of Riyadh Agreement, archive

ADEN (Debriefer)--The southern transitional council has set new conditions for withdrawing its forces from cities in south Yemen, including naming a new government first, activists close to leaders of the UAE-backed council said on Saturday.

The council will get four ministerial portfolios out of 12 portfolios for the south in the new government which will be formed with 50/50 representation from the north and the south.

Observers say the council's conditions represent more obstacles to implementing the Riyadh Agreement between the internationally recognised government and the council and finding a lasting peace solution.

The agreement was signed in late 2019 following clashes between the two sides that ended with the council's takeover of the interim capital of Aden. In July, both sides accepted a Saudi-proposed mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the agreement.

The mechanism called for forming a power-sharing government in 30 days, the council to rescind self-rule of the south which it declared in April, a ceasefire, withdrawing forces from cities and naming governor and police chief for Aden. So far, the council has rescinded self-rule of the south and president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi named a new governor and police chief for Aden.

Meanwhile, a Saudi committee is continuing to oversee the implementation of the military and security part of the agreement. It is visiting military brigades and units in Aden and discussing with STC's military and security chiefs arrangements for translating the agreement into realties.

It will also visit government military brigades and units later. It is expected to submit a report about its mission soon.

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