Vigilant calm domains Mahara after Saudi troops, Yemeni tribes clashes

2020-08-24 | Since 9 Month

Limited clashes between Saudi troops and armed tribesmen in Mahara

Mahara (Debriefer) - Calm domains Shahin, a district in the Yemeni eastern governorate of Mahara that saw late on Sunday limited clashes between Saudi troops and armed tribesmen.

Late on Saturday, Saudi troops left the Ghaidha international airport in Mahara, heading to Shahin land port, the Anadolu Agency (AA) quoted local official as saying on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

Armed tribesmen, opposing the Saudi military presence in Mahara, prevented the troops from reaching the Yemeni port at borders with Oman Sultanate, triggering Sunday confrontations in Hat, another district in Mahara, according to the official.

The clashes stopped, after leaving a Saudi armored vehicle damaged, he added, noting that no casualties were reported.

The Saudi troops retreated to a nearby site, some 40 kilometers away from Shahin crossing, the official said.

"Saudi occupation's forces tried anew to reach Shahin port," head of Shahin peaceful sit-in committee tweeted, but tribesmen prevented the troops that "opened fire.

"Mahara tribesmen had to respond to the Saudi forces' gunfire, leaving a Saudi vehicle burnt," Hamid Za'abanout added.

Shahin is now cautiously calm, as tribesmen are still on the alert, he said, reiterating rejection to Saudi military presence in the city.

The campaigner called on Yemeni official security and military forces to not serve as "cover for Saudi occupation's troops," warning that Mahara people "won't simply watch insults and violations by the Saudi" forces and militias in Shahin and Mahara in general.

Late in 2017, Saudi Arabia sent military and security troops and equipment to Mahara in order to enhance security and combat smuggling, according to statements by the Arab coalition.

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