Yemeni campaigners block Hadhramout streets to protest blackouts

2020-08-25 | Since 9 Month

Protestors burnt used wheels in Mukalla main street, Debriefer

Hadhramout (Debriefer) - Tens of Yemeni protestors on Tuesday blocked the main street of Mukalla city, the provincial capital of the eastern governorate of Hadhramout, in protest of repeated blackouts and bad basic services.

The demonstrators burnt used wheels and curbed traffic on the main road in Dis quarter, blaming the local authorities for mishandled services and deteriorated electricity, say eyewitnesses.

Summer high temperature pushed protestors to rally

Hadhramout cities have repeatedly seen furious protests due to prolonged hours of power cuts.

Local residents blame Hadhramout authorities for failure to end blackouts that exceeded 18 hours a day, amid high temperatures and humidity.

Summer high temperature pushed protestors to rally

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