Marib governor vows to deal "crushing defeat" to Houthis

2021-04-05 | Since 1 Month

Sultan Al-Aradah

MARIB (Debriefer)--The governor of Yemen's Marib province Maj. Gen. Sultan Al-Aradah on Sunday vowed to deal a crushing defeat to the Iran-backed Houthi group very soon.

The government forces backed by the popular resistance and tribal fighters are advancing and winning against the Houthis on all front-lines in the province, he said in an interview with the Saudi Okaz Newspaper.

The arrogance of Iran and its armed militias will be broken in Yemen where they are suffering successive defeats at the hands of the government forces and tribes on the outskirts of Marib, he said.

The victories would not have been achieved without support from the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, he said.

He revealed that there are Iranian, Syrian and Lebanese experts assisting and training Houthi militants during current battles and that members of Hezbollah have been recently killed in Marib.

He criticised the social stratification practiced by the Houthis through sending sons of tribes to die on front lines.

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