Yemeni gov't claims 35 Houthi deaths, casualties in Taiz

2021-04-18 | Since 4 Week

Government troops in Taiz

Taiz (Debriefer) - The Yemeni official government troops in Taiz on Saturday said 35 Houthis were killed or injured in fierce attacks on the group's sites in the southwestern governorate of Taiz.
Backed by public resistance, the national army on Friday carried out a violent attack on Houthi sites in Maqbana district west Taiz, the Taiz military media center said on Facebook.
"The Chicki hill and Zobaida village were liberated," the center added, "amid collapses among Houthi ranks."
The fighting left 35 Houthis killed or injured, and a BMP armored vehicle damaged and burnt, it claimed.
On Friday, the Yemeni armed forces' media center tweeted that their troops made new advance in Maqbana district, following a great offensive targeting Houthi sites.
The national army liberated the mountainous series of al-Sawda'a in al-Qohaifa area in Maqbana, amid intensified fighting and Houthi retreat after "many of their militants were killed or injured," the center added.
Early last March, Taiz military command declared a massive campaign to free the city from blockade imposed by the Houthi group since 2015.

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