UN sources portend soon end to Taiz blockade

2021-06-18 | Since 1 Month

Amman (Debriefer) - Gateways of the Yemeni sieged city of Taiz will be reopened soon, UN sources said Thursday, after 6 years of Houthi blockade.
The Houthi group will end siege imposed on the southwestern city once a nationwide ceasefire deal comes into effect, media advisor to the UN mediator in Yemen said.
The proposed nationwide ceasefire is not aimed only to stop fighting, Jasmine Pala added in remarks to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, as the long sought truce will also see the main roads linking Yemen north to south reopened to help facilitate movement of civilians, commercial goods and humanitarian aid.
The populated city of Taiz has been under Houthi siege since early 2015, when the Iranian-backed group took control of most of Yemeni lands.
The city sporadically witnesses its people in rallies calling for the blockade to be lifted and for their sufferings to come to an end, but their voices are hardly heard.
In his farewell briefing, the UN special envoy for Yemen highlighted the sufferings experienced by the deep-rooted city's people.
Taiz locals suffer from persistent bombing targeting their houses, landmines laid in routes to schools and mosques, and huge obstructions to access to houses and workplaces, Martin Griffiths told the UNSC.

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