Houthi conditions hinder introducing 4G service to Yemen

2021-07-28 | Since 2 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) - Yemen's Houthi government has asked mobile phone operators to transform into joint-stock companies before obtaining license to operate the 4th generation (4G) system.
"This measure is a key step and obligatory for mobile phone companies under the (Houthi-adopted) law.. and policies governing the issuance of licenses for modern generations," the Houthi-run ministry of telecommunications said in an official statement.
All the mobile phone operators in Yemen (YemenMobile, MTN, SabaFon and Y) are governed by Sana'a-based Houthi authority, as the UN-recognized government failed to move the system to an area under its control.
It is strange to talk about adoption of the 4G technology under the existing old-fashioned grid, with limited capacity, communication professor in Sana'a University said.
Yemen's telecommunications infrastructure is very derelict and not in compliance with international modern technical criteria, Dr Ibrahim al-Kibsi added on Facebook.

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