Pentagon to investigate alleged re-transfer of US weapons to armed groups in Yemen

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2019-02-06 | Since 2 Week

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The Pentagon said on Wednesday it will open an investigation into re-transfer of US weapons by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the Iran-backed Houthi Group and Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Spokesperson for the Pentagon Johnny Michael said the Pentagon takes seriously allegations about the misuse of US weapons and it will launch an investigation once it obtains evidence about re-transfer of US weapons into parties in Yemen.

The statement came days after an investigation by CNN revealed that the two gulf countries, which have been fighting in Yemen since March 2015, gave US weapons to Al-Qaeda, Salafi and Houthi Groups.

US technology has made its way to Iran after it ended up in the Houthi hands, CNN said.

Yemen has been shattered by a four-conflict between an internationally recognised government and the Houthis. The conflict escalated after a Saudi-led coalition intervened militarily to restore the government in March 2015, leading to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Commander of the US Central Command, Joseph Votel, denied to the Senate on Tuesday that his country has authorised Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to re-transfer US weapons, adding the US should take action in order to determine whether its weapons have ended up in the hands of armed groups in Yemen such Al-Qaeda or Iran-backed rebels.

Democratic Senator and member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Chris Murphy, told CNN the US weapons sent to conflict zones usually end up in the wrong hands, hoping the US will stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia until it gets information about all US weapons sold to the gulf country.

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