Coalition launches intensified air raids on Sana`a, a day after attack on Saudi airport

Sana`a (Debriefer)
2019-06-13 | Since 1 Year

Smokers escalated following raids by coalition fighters on the capital Sana'a

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Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition on Thursday launched intensified airstrikes on Yemen's capital Sana`a, which has been controlled by the Houthis since 2014, a day after the group attacked Saudi Abha airport with a cruise missile.

The coalition has been fighting in Yemen to restore the internationally recognized government since the Houthis ousted the government in late 2014.

It launched six airstrikes on the Special Forces camp in the area of Al-Subaha in west of the capital, two airstrikes on the Al-Siyanah camp in the district of Al-Thawra in north of the capital, the pro-Houthi Saba news agency reported.

In addition, it launched two airstrikes on the Dhubab Mountain in the district of Bani Hushaish in the countryside of Sanaa, the agency said.

26 civilians were injured in the Houthi attack on Abha Airport on Wednesday, according to a statement by the coalition, which has vowed to take stern action to deter the Houthi Group and hold those responsible for the terrorist attack to account.

Yemen has been devastated by a five-year armed conflict by the government backed by the coalition and the Iran-backed Houthis.

More than 11.000 civilians have been killed and tens of thousands of others injured in the war. Millions have been displaced and tens of thousands have fled outside the country.

The coalition has been responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties, according to the UN and international human rights organisations.

The conflict has caused what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

More than 24 million people, more than 80% of the country's population, are in need some form of humanitarian or protection assistance, including 8.4 million people who don't know where their next meal will come from, according to the UN.

And there are nearly 2 million children suffering from acute malnutrition, the UN said.



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