Washington launchs United States Space Force as a sixth branch of the US Armed Services

Washington (Debriefer)
2019-12-21 | Since 3 Year

United States Space Force

US President Donald Trump on Friday officially announced the creation of the Space Forces, as part of the military budget signing ceremony.

According to Sputnik, the American media reported the signing ceremony, which was held amid a crowd of American soldiers at the "Andrews" military base in Maryland, USA.

Trump said during the signing: "Today, we have a basic stage, and today we formally introduce a new branch of our armed forces called the Space Forces."

Trump said the space forces would be led by General John Raymond, noting that "40 million dollars will be allocated to it, and it will initially consist of 200 people."

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives and the Senate Armed Services Committee approved the defense budget bill for 2020 worth $ 738 billion, up 3 percent from this year.

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