Yemeni gov't demands Covid-19 tests for arrivals in country

2020-12-22 | Since 11 Month

Yemen fears a new wave of coronavirus

Aden (Debriefer) - Arrivals in Yemen need to undergo PCR tests to prove they are free from Covid-19, the UN-recognized government-run supreme anti-coronavirus committee said on Monday.
Starting from next Friday, all newcomers to Yemeni lands will have to go through PCR tests 72 hours before their arrival, the committee said in a statement carried by the Aden-based Saba.
This measure comes in response to WHO warnings about a new, fast-spreading wave of the pandemic, it added.
The committee asked authorities at land crossings and airports to start the measure as of Friday.
Until Monday evening, confirmed Covid-19 cases in the Yemeni government-held areas totaled 2,087, including 606 deaths and 1,384 recoveries.
The Houthi group has kept reluctant to release any statistics on the infections in northern areas under its control.

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