Yemen calls UNSC to condemn Houthis over Aden blasts

2021-01-05 | Since 1 Year

Abdullah al-Sa'adi

New York (Debriefer) - The Yemeni UN-recognized government called on the UN Security Council to clearly condemn the Houthi group over the attack on Aden international airport, south Yemen.
"The attack that targeted the Yemeni technocrat government in Aden airport is a preplanned terrorist act aimed at undermining the political process," Yemen's representative to the UN told his French and Estonian counterparts, Nicolas De Rivière and Steven Jorgensen, on phone.
Initial information indicate that the Houthis were responsible for this terror act, Abdullah al-Sa'adi added.
The Yemeni diplomat underlined the need for the UNSC to clearly point a finger at those who committed this terror, coward act, instead of just deploring the attack, according to the Aden-based Saba.
He called on the UNSC to preserve Yemen's political process and send clear message to the Houthis that such terrorist acts don't reflect their willingness to reach sustainable peace in Yemen.
The attack targeted the new government and left 27 people killed and 108 others injured, but all the cabinet members survived the assault.
While the Yemeni government and Arab coalition accused the Houthis of the attack, the Iranian-backed group denied

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