Coalition bombs Houthi sites in Yemeni capital

2022-01-20 | Since 4 Month

Riyadh - Sana'a (Debriefer) The Saudi-led coalition late on Tuesday carried out airstrikes on Houthi sites in the Yemeni capital Sana'a, the Arab coalition said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency.
Coalition war planes bombed Houthi strongholds and military camps in Sana'a City, the coalition brief statement read.
Response to the threat is continuous in order to protect civilians and civilian objects, the statement added.
According to Houthi media, the coalition aircraft launched 12 raids on the Yemeni capital and outskirts.
The air strikes were carried out by Emirati fighter jets, al-Masyra quoted an anonymous military source as saying.
Three air strikes targeted Sana'a international airport and the nearby, the Houthi-run TV added, as missile camp in Attan Mont received four air strikes.

The Arab coalition launched one air strike on Jarban in Sanhan district south Sana'a), another on al-Kharba in Bani Hoshaish district (east Sana'a), and a third on the military academy in Bani al-Harith district (north Sana'a).
The higher academy, in the airport road, was targeted with two air strikes, the Houthi media said.
The United Arab Emirates vowed to retaliate for the Houthi attack on civil and oil facilities in Abu Dhabi that left three civilians killed.

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