Yemeni official troops say retook sites in Jawf

2021-01-10 | Since 7 Month

Jawf (Debriefer) - The Yemeni government troops have retaken sites from Houthi control in the northern governorate of Jawf, said Friday.
The official troops tactically entrapped Houthi fighters in the strategic sites of Bair Aziz, in Khab & Shaaf district east Jawf, the defense ministry-run website quoted operation officer of boarder guard as saying.
The entrapment left scores of Houthis killed or injured, General Hadi al-Joadi, also commander of Hasm Brigade, added, besides the "destruction of combating machines and vehicles that came from Hazm city and the restoration of 3 machines."
The government troops also made new advancement in Bair Aziz and retook the al-Ma'ataredha Mountains overlooking the area, the general claimed.
He hailed the "great, effective role played by the Arab coalition warplanes that targeted Houthi reinforcements heading from Hazm city."

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