Yemeni gov't allows oil tankers in Hodeida port, Houthis deny

2021-04-15 | Since 9 Month

Oil tanker anchored in Hodeida seaport, archive

Aden (Debriefer) - The Yemeni UN-recognized government has allowed a number of oil tankers access to the Red Sea port of Hodeida for humanitarian reasons, Yemen's foreign minister tweeted on Wednesday, as the Houthi group denied the arrival of any vessel.
Despite the Houthi persistent violation of the Stockholm Agreement, the government let oil tankers in Hodeida, Ahmed Bin Mubarak added.
This decision was taken to alleviate the humanitarian situation, the FM said without further details on the vessels' number or cargo.
Director of the Houthi-run Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) on Wednesday tweeted that no tanker was allowed access to Hodeida port.
All the oil tankers are still detained off Jizan waiting for clearance, Ammar al-Adhroie added.
According to the Sana'a-based YPC, the Arab coalition is holding 10 oil tankers with 255,646 tons of fuel onboard for different periods up to four months.
Yemeni northern and western areas under Houthi control suffer severe shortage of fuel, with the Iranian-backed Houthi group blaming the Arab coalition and Yemeni official government for denying oil tankers access.
The Yemeni government asks for revenues from all tankers arriving at Hodeida port to be deposited into a bank account out of Houthi control and be used for paying the Yemeni civil servants.

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