Yemeni gov't officially warns against increase in Covid-19 infections

2021-04-20 | Since 9 Month

Mohamed Qasim Bohaibih

Aden (Debriefer) - The Yemeni Aden-based ministry of health on Monday warned of an increase in Covid-19 infections to more dangerous levels, with the people recklessly dealing with precautious measures announced by health authorities.
Wrong actions – like persistent gatherings at markets across Yemen – "seriously portend a rise in the pandemic curve of Covid-19 infections to a level more dangerous and harder than that we are currently suffering," the Yemeni health minister said on Facebook.
"We're watching with deep concern daily field reports and statistics on the growing infections," Mohamed Qasim Bohaibih added, furthering the "burdens to medical teams and isolation centers in liberated provinces.
Medical teams and isolation centers have been stretching their capacities to the limit, with most of them running out of all their resources, he said.
The minister repeated the call on citizens to observe precautions, protective measures, social distancing and instructions given by the emergency committee, which he said the best solution to avoid infection and serious complications.
Yemen is experiencing the pandemic second wave, which is said to be more deadlier, with the health system damaged by war and people indifferently adhering to precautious measures.
Coronavirus vaccination campaign is expected to begin in the coming hours in the interim capital of Aden, using AstraZeneca shots.

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