Azhar deplores Houthi banning Taraweeh Prayers in Yemen

2021-05-02 | Since 9 Month

Dr. Ahmed al-Taieb, Azhar Sheikh

Cairo (Debriefer) - The Holy Azhar deplores the Houthi use of extreme force to prohibit Taraweeh Prayers in Yemeni mosques, Azhar said in a statement on Saturday, after footages on social media showed Houthi militants preventing the prayers in a Yemeni mosque.
Banning Taraweeh Prayers by force of arms in mosques violates tolerant Sharia values and disrespects its concepts that provide for respecting the right to worship and religious rites practice without imposing certain creeds, thoughts or one pattern of worship, the statement added.
Based on its global Islamic responsibility, Azhar strongly condemns this act committed by some Houthi elements in violation of religions' principles without caring for dignity of religious rites in Ramadan, it said.
The act opposes all the international conventions calling for faith freedom be respected and worship places be protected, and defending the right to religious rites practice, according to the statement.
Azhar called on everybody to stop such racialist, despicable acts in order to help security and peace spread everywhere.

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