Yemeni officer says Houthis misuse prisoner swap file

2021-05-04 | Since 9 Month

Sadeq Dowaid

Hodeida (Debriefer) - The Houthi group misuses the prisoner swap file, spokesman for the Yemeni pro-government Guards of Republic brigades tweeted on Monday.
This Houthi act is "the worst political collapse and immoral degeneration," Sadeq Dowaid added.
"The detainees and prisoners live bad conditions in Houthi jails, which violate all the international conventions and our true Islam."
On Sunday, Yemeni activists kicked off a wide online campaign aimed to attract international attention to captives' suffering in Houthi prisons.
The Iranian-backed Houthi group exploits this humanitarian file for political pressure, ignoring the suffering experienced by the prisoners and their families, the activists said.
In interviews with media supporting the Guards of Republic, released personnel said some prisoners died or got disabled while being tortured in Houthi jails.
The captives "are deprived from food, medicine, blankets during winter, and hygiene stuff, leaving them with chronic diseases," they added.

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