Tens of Houthis killed, injured in Yemeni Sa'ada fighting

2021-05-26 | Since 1 Year

Sporadic battles pitting the Yemeni national army against Houthis in Sa'ada

Sa'ada (Debriefer) - Tens of Houthi fighters have been killed or injured in renewed fighting seen by the Yemeni northern governorate of Sa'ada, commander of the government-affiliated War1 brigade said late on Tuesday.
Fierce clashes erupted between the national army's Rapid Response Forces and Houthi fighters in A'ar Valley and al-Baleesa Mont in al-Safra'a district, northeast Sa'ada, Gen Mohamed al-Ghonaimi added.
Fighting left tens of Houthis killed or injured, and Houthi military equipment smashed, he claimed in remarks carried by the Aden-based Saba.
Sporadic battles pitting the Yemeni national army backed by the Saudi-led coalition against Houthis in Sa'ada, the main stronghold of the Houthi leader, Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

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