Violence leave fatalities including military officer south Yemen

2022-08-10 | Since 2 Month

Shabwa (Debriefer) The Yemeni southeastern governorate of Shabwa on Monday dawn saw fierce clashes between pro-government forces and Southern Transitional Council-affiliated forces, leaving fatalities including a military leader.
The violence took place in Ataq, Shabwa provincial center, pitting security special forces and pro-government troops against Shabwa Defense Giant Brigades forces, local sources said.
The clashes were triggered by Shabwa Defense and Giant Brigades forces massive deployment in Ataq, in a bid to stabilize security and in precaution of any rebellion following the recent reshuffle of security leaders, the sources added.
Colonel Ahmed Lashqam, commander of the Emergency Battalion in the pro-government 30th Infantry Brigade, and his bodyguard were killed along with four soldiers from Shabwa Defense, the sources said.
On Sunday, Shabwa governor, Oudh al-Oulaqi, fired the two commanders of security forces (Abd Rabbu Lakab) and Shabwa Defense forces (Ahmed Dar'an) for "declaring a mutiny against the provincial leadership and the security committee's decisions," says the governor's decree carried by Shabwa governorate's website.
Late on Sunday, the interior minister, Gen. Ibrahim Haidan, dismissed Shabwa Oulaqi decree as "illegal and cancelled for trespassing the governor's authority at local level and interfering in interior minister's powers."
Giant Brigades and Shabwa Defense took control of most parts of the oil-rich governorate, local sources said.

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