Military infighting renews in Shabwa south Yemen

2022-08-10 | Since 2 Month

Shabwa (Debriefer) Capital of the Yemeni southeastern governorate of Shabwa on Tuesday witnessed renewed military clashes pitting security special forces and the 21st Mechanized Brigade against Shabwa Defense forces and units from the Giant Brigades.
The infighting comes hours after Ataq city saw cautious calm following the bloody confrontations of Monday night that left fatalities from both sides.
Local sources and residents in Ataq said they heard strong blasts in different parts of the provincial center where special forces and Shabwa Defense forces exchanged gunfire.
On Monday, Ataq city saw bloody violence between the two supposedly allies, leaving six personnel including a commander and his bodyguard.
Later at night, the Yemeni Leadership Council (LC) issued decrees ousting the two leaders of Ataq axis and special forces, Shabwa security director and other military and security leaders following the infighting.
No human losses were reported in the latest clashes, amid information on LC directives and tribal and military mediations in a bid to defuse tensions and stop violence.

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