New demining operation in Yemeni western coastal areas

2021-05-29 | Since 1 Year

Mines, file photo

Taiz (Debriefer) - Engineering specialist teams have removed new fields of landmines planted by the Iranian-backed Houthi group in the vicinity of Baba al-Mandeb, west Taiz.
In the last two days, the teams removed 85 landmines randomly planted in al-Wazeiah, Mocha and Khokha districts, the Saudi MASAM project said.
Four specialist teams carried out wider-angle survey for in areas near Baba al-Mandeb, the demining project added, in preparation for removing the Houthi-planted mines.
Yemen has seen the largest land mining since the WWII, according to reports issued by local and international organizations.
Mines have claimed thousands of civilian lives and maimed other tens of thousands in Yemen.

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