Houthi shelling leaves four civilians injured in Taiz

2021-07-25 | Since 3 Month

Taiz (Debriefer) - Two children, one woman and other civilians were injured by Houthi shelling and snipers in Taiz on Saturday, said health sources in the Yemeni southwestern city.
A Houthi projectile fell onto the 30-meter ST in Taiz, leaving two children from the same family and a man with different wounds, the sources added.
The three casualties were taken to hospital for medication.
Separately, a Houthi sniper shot a woman in her sixties in Maqbana district west Taiz, local sources said, as the woman survived with wounds.
The heavily populated city of Taiz is still suffering from severe blockade imposed by the Iranian-backed Houthi group since 2015, with its quarters receiving sporadic shelling and bullets.

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