STC declares emergency state in south Yemen

2021-09-17 | Since 1 Month

Aden (Debriefer) The Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Wednesday declared state of emergency and higher combating readiness in Yemeni southern provinces under its control, as protests extend in Aden over deteriorating services and economy and Houthi fighters make progress in some areas.
"We declare state of emergency throughout all southern governorates as off Wednesday," the Emirati-backed STC's chairman said in televised speech.
Forces are called to "beat with rod of iron anyone plans to undermine security and stability in Aden" and the elements who stole into protestors in the port city, Eidroos al-Zobaidi added.
The separatist leader warned of diverting the protests for non-national and political purposes or contriving disorder and sabotage.
The protests are part of a "conspiracy by terrorist and radical powers aimed at people of the south.. which is as perilous as the Houthi aggression."
Zobaidi also called for higher combating preparedness, the highest alertness and "mobilized efforts in the face of Houthi movement in defense of religion, homeland and honor.
"As the Houthi group and terrorist and radical powers launch their new invasion on southern land and people, we declare from the capital Aden state of emergency and general mobilization."
He called on the Arab coalition countries, led by neighbor Saudi Arabia, to feel their responsibility for national security in the region.

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