Yemeni senior commander calls for int'l arms embargo on Houthis

2021-10-15 | Since 2 Month

Mocha (Debriefer) Commander of the Yemeni Joint Forces-affiliated Guards of the Republic Brigades on Thursday called on the international community to apply the UN Security Council resolutions and ban arms exports to the Iranian-backed Houthi group.
"We don't ask the international community to force the Houthi, since this is a Yemeni duty and all the Yemeni parties should unite to force him to respect the people and their rights," Tariq Saleh said in interview with the Saudi Oakdh daily.
"All what we want from the international community is to apply the UN Security Council resolutions, particularly the arms exports embargo on the Houthi" group serving as "one of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Quds Force battalions.
"The international community can exert pressure through support to the Yemenis' legitimate struggle against this group that destroyed a sovereign state and plunged a whole nation in a huge furnace.
"Since the group doesn't want peace, neither it has the peace decision, the international community is concerned with supporting the Yemenis' battle and the Arab coalition that assumed the duty of countering this group in defense of Yemen's security and regional and global security and interests," the general added.
"The Houthi has abided by neither the Stockholm Agreement nor any deal with any local or international party. While it knows and talks about this, the international community – when it comes to deeds – gets ruled by factors that have nothing to do with the Yemenis' interests, blood or rights."

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