Taiz persistent siege suggests useless truce: Yemeni gov't

2022-05-12 | Since 3 Month

Riyadh (Debriefer) The siege persistently imposed on Taiz suggests that the UN-brokered truce is useless and the Houthi group lacks willingness and credibility and keeps on reneging commitments to deals, the Yemeni foreign minister said on Wednesday.
Declared early last April, the 60-day truce represented for all the Yemenis a hope window towards sustainable peace that would end their suffering, FM Ahmed Bin Mubarak said.
One of the humanitarian truce's key priorities is to lift Taiz blockade and reopen the city's crossings, he added, as a humanitarian demand that cannot be delayed.
"With reneging their pledges, the Houthi militias prove they disrespect the UN-brokered truce" or "any political solutions and trade in Yemenis' suffering to serve their political agendas and illegally benefit from their devastating war," the Yemeni FM said.
The Houthis obstructed the first flight that would airlift patients from Sana'a airport to Jordan, he added, citing the group's obdurate refusal of every solution proposed by the Yemeni government to solve the problem of unofficial travel documents.
This Houthi obduracy puts the UN and international community in trial to prove willingness to pressure the group into responding to peace efforts, or the truce would fail and fighting would resume, Bin Mubarak warned.

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