Yemen welcomes truce extension, Houthis urge treatment for human file

2022-08-05 | Since 1 Week

Aden - Sana'a (Debriefer) The Yemeni official government on Tuesday evening welcomed 2-month extension of the UN-brokered truce, as the Houthi group called for more willingness to tackle the humanitarian file.
"The main purpose of the truce is to stop Yemeni bloodshed as a result of a war sparked by the Houthis, and to facilitate free movement of civilians, goods and services" across Yemen, the government said in a statement.
While the operation of flights to and fro Sana'a airport and oil inflow to Hodeida ports helped smoothen movement, Houthi persistent siege on "Taiz city keeps 4 million people suffering from brutal punishment imposed by the group, though the truce started four months ago," the statement added.
The government highlighted the need for full application of the truce terms, cessation of Houthi breaches, immediate reopening of blocked roads to end Taiz siege, and guaranteed use of Hodeida ports' income in paying civil servants and retirees in Houthi-held provinces.
The government reiterated support for all the efforts exerted by the UN and its special envoy to bring inclusive, fair peace in accordance with the three terms of reference, particularly the UNSC Resolution 2216.
For their part, the Houthis said the truce was extended thanks to Omani efforts.
"We again underscore the need for the UN to work intensely on payment of salaries, opening the airport and port, and ending the blockade," Houthi senior negotiator tweeted.
"These humanitarian issues are normal rights of the Yemeni people, and tackling them urgently is a must to engage in more serious and constant stages," Mohamed Abdul Salam added.
Last Sunday, an Omani delegation paid a 3-day visit to Sana'a where they held talks with Houthi leaders on the truce extension.
On Tuesday, the UN special envoy for Yemen said Yemen's warring parties agreed to extend the truce for more two (instead of six) months.
This extension includes parties' commitment to intense negotiations to reach a deal on a more extended truce as soon as possible, Hans Grundberg added in a statement.
In the coming weeks the UN envoy will step up his contacts with the parties to secure full application of their commitments under the truce, he said.
On 2 June, the Yemeni government and Houthi group agreed to extend the humanitarian 2-month truce that started on 2 April.

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