WB supports Yemen with $26.9 million to counter COVID-19

Sana'a (Debrefer)
2020-04-06 | Since 4 Hour

Yemen has taken several precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus arrival

The World Bank has provided 26.9 million dollars in support for preparations to counter coronavirus in Yemen, the World Health Organization said Monday.
The WB's International Development Corporation provided the WHO with US$26.9-worth support to help boost Yemen's preparedness in face of COVID-19, the WHO added in a release.
Yemen's health system is indeed fragile, says WHO Representative for Yemen. If it spreads, coronavirus will be disastrous for the country.
Diseases do not respect international boundaries. Countries like Yemen should remain alert to insure limitation of any possible arrival of COVID-19 across borders, Altaf Musani added.
The WB's new support for Yemen comes in critical time as cases are in the rise around the world, he warned.
Yemen has recorded no coronavirus case until Monday.
The war-torn country has taken several precautionary measures, including closure of ports and suspension of education, to prevent coronavirus arrival.

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