Epidemic Control Committee in Sana'a decides to establish field hospital with 3,000 beds urgently

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2020-05-05 | Since 1 Year

The Committee for Epidemic Control aof Ansar Allah group (Houthis) approved Monday, the concept of establishing and equipping a field hospital with a capacity of 3,000 beds within efforts to confront Corona epidemic in Sana'a.

According to the houthi-run Yemeni news agency , the Committee reviewed the report of the Minister of Public Health and Population on the precautionary measures guide prepared by the Ministry for all ministries and government agencies to prevent this epidemic.

The Minister of Health in the Salvation Government, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil, reviewed "the ministry's efforts in cooperation with a number of government agencies in dealing with all cases, whether infected with acute vision inflammation or influenza or cough as possibility of infection of any of them with the Corona virus."

Al-Mutawakkil emphasized, "Raising the degrees of dealing with these cases to the highest degree, including applying precautionary steps to those in contact with them by subjecting them to quarantine in the interest of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in order to avoid any spread in the event that God forbid, the tests have proven that they are infected with corona."

Al-Mutawakkil indicated that recording cases of infection in a number of Yemeni governorates under the control of the Yemeni internationally recognized government "raises the alarm that the epidemic can spread to all governorates."

He emphasized the need for high coordination to fight any contingency related to Covid-19 given that the transmission of the virus to the provinces under the control of his group, as well as the governorates administered by the Yemeni government, in which cases of Covid-19 infection have not been recorded until now, have become a possibility.

The Houthi Minister of Health stressed the importance of the commitment of all citizens to precautionary measures and measures and to consider very seriously the possibility of the virus transmitting at any time to the capital’s secretariat Sanaa and the rest of the provinces.

The committee whose meeting was chaired on Monday by the President of the Houthi Salvation Government, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, directed the Ministry of Interior, the Capital Secretariat, and the provincial authorities to work to prevent gatherings of more than twenty people.

The committee also directed that qat markets be taken out of cities or open places, and taking into account the presence of health and preventive requirements to protect the visitors and sellers of these markets.

The committee mandated the Ministry of Interior, Security Services, and the Ministries of Transport, Public Health, and Population to put in place the necessary mechanism to control the entry of drivers of cargo trucks to the free governorates and the Capital.


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