Tariq Saleh implicitly rejects Yemeni gov't army attack on Aden

Abu Dhabi (Debriefer)
2020-05-12 | Since 3 Month

Tariq Saleh

Guards of the Republic commander on Monday expressed indirect rejection to an attack by the Yemeni UN-recognized government on its interim capital of Aden.
Aden needs "relief and medical equipment and teams, but not storming equipment and teams," Tariq Saleh added on Twitter.
The government had already called on the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to hand Abyan's provincial capital of Zinjobar and withdraw forces to Dofus, the city's western gateway leading to Aden.
Early on Monday, Abyan witnessed fierce fighting between official army and the Emirati-backed STC forces, with the STC's chairman describing the event as an "open war for independence".
Government troops in Shoqra – south Abyan – advanced towards Sheikh Salim area to the east of Zinjobar, triggering violence clashes with STC forces, said local sources.
The STC forces hold control of Zinjobar and Ja'ar districts along with areas leading to Aden, while the official army control the supply route coming from Marib, passing through Shabwa and leading to Shoqra.
The separatist STC accused the government of "exploding a new conflict after months of violations and unjustified assaults."

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