Emirati FM says Yemeni gov't attributes failure to UAE

Abu Dhabi (Debriefer)
2020-05-21 | Since 3 Month

Anwar Gargash

The Emirati minister of state for foreign affairs on Wednesday dismissed the Yemeni foreign minister's criticism against the UAE as ashamed.
"It's regretful that the Yemeni foreign minister, Mohamed al-Hadhrami, attributes his government's political and military botch to the United Arab Emirates," Anwar Gargash added on Twitter.
Earlier, FM Hadhrami said the Yemeni official government "hasn't given the UAE a blank check to do whatever it wants, and rejects mini projects in Yemen," hinting at the Emirati support for the Southern Transitional Council (STC).
The Yemeni government will neither return to the interim capital of Aden, nor establish a third capital for legitimacy, Hadhrami added in interview with the BBC.
The government does not want to uproot the Houthi group or the STC from Yemen, it rather wants them to recover their senses, he said.
"The government hasn't abandoned or dismissed the capital of Sana'a, and will return to Aden at the right time," Yemeni FM added.

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