Dhalea witnesses renewed fighting between Yemeni gov't, Houthis

Dhalea (Debriefer)
2020-06-28 | Since 9 Month


The Yemeni southern governorate of Dhalea saw on Sunday renewed hostilities pitting Yemen's joint forces against Houthi fighters.
"The joint forces are fighting fierce battles with the Houthi group .. in al-Hosha district," to the west of Dhalea, spokesman for the provincial front tweeted.
The pro-government "joint forces targeted the Houthis with artillery shells, leaving some of them killed and injured," Fuad Jobari added, as the "clashes are still raging" until Sunday afternoon.
The fighting erupted on Saturday, following an attack by the joint forces on Houthi sites in the northeastern part of al-Hosha.

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