Houthis accuse coalition of stealing 950.000 barrels of crude oil from Yemen

2020-08-25 | Since 8 Month

CEO of Houthi-run Yemen Petroleum Company accuses coalition of stealing, draining Yemen oil resources

SANAA (Debriefer)--The Houthi Group on Monday accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of stealing and draining Yemen's national resources during their six-year war and in dirty efforts to keep Yemen suffocated by poverty and crises.

The two countries have been leading a military coalition fighting the Houthis in support of the internationally recognised government since 2015.  

Around 950.000 barrels of crude oil have been recently exported outside Yemen for $50 million through Al-Nushaima oil terminal, CEO of the Houthi-run Yemen Petroleum Company, Ammar Al-Adhru'e, said.

That was not the first crude shipment handled by the UAE and Saudi Arabia,  Debriefer learned. 

A number of tankers have transported crude oil outside of Yemen under supervision of the UAE forces stationed at the terminal, sources said.

Last year, the UAE forces prevented the then-minister of transport Saleh Al-Jabwani from accessing the terminal which is considered as one of their headquarters in south Yemen.

The Houthi accusations come amid acute fuel shortages in Houthi-controlled regions for months.

More recently the company said it was not able to supply vital sectors with 12% of their needs of fuel.

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