Yemeni Association for Sports Media elects new executive board

2020-10-10 | Since 2 Year

Sana'a by Mohammed Al- Bahri - The Yemeni Association for Sports Media (YASM) on Thursday elected in Sana'a City a new board of directors chaired by Dr. Saleh Hamid.

The congress elections witnessed unprecedentedly wide participation of 187 members, including 35 ladies, from different Yemeni provinces.

Among the participants was Abdullah al-Sa'afani, a member of the Yemeni Olympic committee, in addition to a number of sports media founders in the 1970s.

The elections took place at democratic atmosphere, under observation by representatives from the ministry of social affairs, which is concerned with the independent civil society organizations' work.

The new executive board handed AIPS membership cards to 100 members of the general assembly, calling on other fellows to obtain their cards via AIPS website.

Below are names of the new board of directors unanimously recommended at the elections:

1- Dr. Saleh Hamid as Chairman

2- Sami Al kaf Senior Vice President

3- Ahmed Muzaffar, second deputy

4- Mohammed Al-Bahri Secretary General

5- Dr. Saqr Al-Maris, Assistant Secretary General

6- Dr. Mohammad Al-Nazari, Financial Officer

7- Yazid Al-Faqih, a cultural official

8- Jamaan Doyle, Branch Officer

9- Youssef Basnbol, media spokesman

10- Khaled Al-Saafani, Training and Rehabilitation Officer

11- Yahya Al-Dhawi, Activities and Programs Officer

12- Yahya Al-Dhalai - Relationship Officer

13- Shawqi Abdul Karim: Conflict Dispute Officer

14- Randa Al-Ziyadi, Public Sector Officer

15- Abdul Aziz Omar, Social Officer


Abdul Rahim Aloqab

Khaled Al-Nawary

Ibrahim Fathy

Supervision and Inspection Committee

1- Ali Ahmed Grad as Chairman

2- Nashwan Dahan, Vice President

3- wahbiah Al-Bahri as Rapporteur

4- Mukhtar Badas, member

5- Qasim Al-Baisi, member


Abdul Hamid Al-Kamali

Mohammed al-Haj

The congressional event also saw a number of (dead and alive) senior newspersons honored with merit shields. The following are their names:

1. Ali Naji al-Ra'wi;

2. Abdullah al-Sa'afani;

3. Abdu Johaish;

4. Mutahar al-Ashmori;

5. Aziz al-Tha'alibi;

6. Ali Ghrad;

7. Ali al-Asri;

8. Omar Koairan;

9. Mustafa Bodair;

10. Shouqi Abdul Karim;

11. Abdul Hakim Muqbil;

12. Abdul Salam Farea

13. Abdul Aziz Omar;

14. Saleh Hamid;

15. Abdul Salam al-Soodi;

16. Walid Jahzar

17. Hassan al-Warith;

18. Hussein BaZiad;

19. Adel al-A'asam;

20. Abdullah Howis

21. Abdullah Qaid

22. Mohamed Abdullah Farea

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