Houthis: Saudi Arabia should only wait for legitimate defence as long as aggression continues

2020-11-25 | Since 2 Month

Mohammed Abdulsalam

MUSCAT (Debriefer)--The spokesperson for the Houthi group Mohammed Abdulsalam on Tuesday said Saudi Arabia should only wait for legitimate response and defence as long as aggression and blockade on Yemen continue.
The Saudi regime could not get past the fact that it is just an aggressor on the Yemeni people despite its condemnations and attempts to play the role of the victim, he wrote on Twitter.
"The world knows the Saudi regime has been attacking and besieging Yemen. As long as this situation continues, it should only wait for legitimate defence until it stops aggression and lifts blockade," he said.
Saudi Arabia leads a military coalition which has been fighting the Iran-backed group in support of Yemen's internationally recognised government since March 2015.
In the past three months, the Houthis have intensified their missile and drone attacks on it, including a missile attack on an Aramco station in Jeddah on Monday.
Following the attack, Saudi Arabia called for stopping attacks on world energy sources and supply, the political process in Yemen and the regional security.
Saudi ambassador to the UN, Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi, said in a letter to the Security Council that the Houthi group was responsible for the attack on the Aramco facility.

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