Houthis vow to deal with Americans alike following terror designation

2021-01-11 | Since 5 Month

Mohamed Abdul Salam

Sana'a (Debriefer) - The Houthis will be forced to deal with Americans alike in many files, spokesman for the group said Monday, if Washington does not "seriously reconsider" plans to designate the group as terrorist.
The US positions has nothing new at the practical level, as "they practiced against the Yemeni people the most heinous crimes, economic and humanitarian sanctions, military invention and comprehensive support for aggression on us," Mohamed Abdul Salam added in remarks to Sputnik International.
"We think that Trump administration is living a state of clear confusion. Its decisions now are to sell stances for many parties in the added time."
Trump administration "failed in all files concerning the region, and enhanced the presence a state of huge resentment against it and its essential allies; Saudi Arabia and Israel," the Houthi negotiator added.
Earlier on Monday, the US Secretary of State said his department would advise the Congress to designate the Houthis as a terrorist group and to add Abdul Malik (their leader), Abdul Khaliq al-Houthi and Abdullah Yahiya al-Hakim into the global terrorists list.
These designations will provide additional tools to confront the Houthi terrorist activity, and they aim to hold the group responsible for its terrorist acts, including trans-border attacks threatening civilians, infrastructure and commercial shipping, Mike Pompeo added.

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