Yemeni gov't, Houthis deploy more troops in Marib

2021-01-13 | Since 4 Day

Marib (Debriefer) - The Yemeni official government on Wednesday deployed additional troops in Najd al-Majmaah after Houthi military reinforcements arrived late on Tuesday in neighboring areas to the south of Marib.
These moves come as the last 48 hours saw fierce fighting between the two sides in the two districts of al-Rahaba and Mahiliah in the Yemeni northeastern governorate, where the Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out intense raids.
On Tuesday, the government troops announced the seizure of Qaridha mountainous series and the strategic al-Salifa Mont south Marib.
The sites were retaken after violent battles with the Houthis, who suffered huge losses in lives and ordnance, the official defense ministry-run quoted commander of Baihan sector, General Mufaraih Bohaibih, as saying.

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