Yemeni troops attack Houthi sites in Dhalea

2021-02-05 | Since 4 Month

Dhalea (Debriefer) - Yemeni government troops and armed tribesmen on Thursday carried out two separate attacks on Houthi sites in Qataba, a district of the southern governorate of Dhalea.
The first attack targeted Houthi sites in Ghoul Abad village, local sources said, as the second attack targeted the group's posts in Habeel Obaid area.
In the two attacks, the government troops used different weapons amid tense artillery coverage, leaving tens of Houthis killed or injured, the sources added.
The attacks destroyed fortifications of the Houthi fighters, with the official army restoring a large deal of weapons and ammunitions, according to the sources.
Dhalea in the last days saw military confrontations renewed in different fronts, particularly in Batar, al-Fakhir and Bab Ghalaq, amid great mobilizations by the two rivals.

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