Apaches introduced to battles in Yemeni Sa'ada

2021-02-06 | Since 4 Month

Apaches, file photo
Sa'ada (Debriefer) - Arab coalition aircraft on Friday carried out violent bombing on different sites in the Yemeni northern governorate of Sa'ada, al-Masyra reported.
Saudi-led coalition apaches bombed sites in Kitaf district in Sa'ada, the Houthi-run TV added.
This is the first time apaches are used in Yemen's war pitting the Arab coalition-backed government against the Iranian-backed Houthi group.
On Thursday, the US President Joe Biden announced end to military support for parties to Yemen's war, and the appointment of Timothy Linder as special envoy for the war-torn country.
The last two days witnessed fiercer fighting between the two rivals in Sa'ada, the main stronghold of Houthi leader at Yemeni-Saudi borders.

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