Yemeni FM says gov't seeks national conciliation, sustainable peace

2021-02-07 | Since 4 Month

Ahmed Bin Mubarak
Aden (Debriefer) - The Yemeni official government will go for nationwide conciliation, in political partnership with the international community, FM Ahmed Bin Mubarak said Saturday, to establish bases needed for real, sustainable and inclusive peace in the country.
Peace is the only and best way to solve Yemen's political crisis and cope with its humanitarian disastrous implications, the Yemeni top diplomat added at meeting with European diplomatic delegation in Aden.
Earlier on Saturday, head of the EU mission, German, Belgian, French, Dutch, Finnish, Polish and Swedish ambassadors to Yemen arrived in Aden in the first official visit after the new government formation.
This visit bears an important political message expressing the European friends' support for Yemen's technocrat government and its efforts to normalize life, revive institutions, make peace and restore security, FM Bin Mubarak said.
The missile attack by "Houthi terrorist militias" has only strengthened the government's determination to end militias' criminal acts destabilizing Yemen's security and increasingly violating Yemenis' human rights, he added.
Positive political atmospheres enable the government to focus on improving the public services, and working with Saudi Arabia on completing the application of the Riyadh Agreement in preparation for all-inclusive peace based on the three terms of reference.
As for Safer FSO, the Yemeni government had warned that the Houthis would renege their promise to allow for UN access to the facility for assessment mission, FM told the European envoys, calling for more pressures on the group.

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