Yemeni troops down drone in Marib amid Houthi massive attack

2021-02-07 | Since 4 Month


Marib (Debriefer) - The Yemeni official army on Sunday shot down a Houthi bomb-laden unmanned aerial vehicle over the northeastern city of Marib, local and military sources said.
The Houthi group fired a ballistic missile at Marib city, the sources added noting that the missile fell into an empty area.
It was not known immediately if the missile left casualties or damages.
In the meantime, the Houthis carried out a massive offensive from many fronts in Sirwah district, west Marib city.
The Houthi group deployed large reinforcements and weaponry in the few last days, in a bid to take control of Marib city, the sources said.
The official government troops "fended off the Houthi attack, and are now fighting fierce battles with the group's fighters," according to the sources.

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