Iran has instructed Houthis to occupy Marib, obstruct Saudi peace initiative, Yemeni official

2021-04-02 | Since 2 Month

Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi

RIYADH (Debriefer)--Advisor to Yemen's president Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi on Thursday accused Iran of mobilising its axis of sectarian destruction to support the Houthi group to seize Marib province and obstruct the Saudi peace initiative.

At a time when the world awaits the UN and US efforts to cease hostilities and bring peace to Yemen, the Iranian sectarian axis of destruction is being mobilised behind the Houthis to occupy Marib, he wrote on Twitter.

The small Marib city, which has become the shelter of two million IDPs who fled Houthi carnage, is resisting with the determination of the Yemeni people and a history dating back to thousands of years, he said.

In addition, Iran has instructed the Houthis to obstruct the Saudi peace initiative like it instructed them not to sign what had been agreed upon at the peace negotiations in Kuwait years ago, he said.

Saudi Arabia announced the initiative last month. It included a nationwide ceasefire, easing the embargo on Sanaa and Hodeidah ports and resuming the political process under UN supervision. But the Houthi group insists on ending the entire blockade on all Yemeni ports in regions under its control and Saudi-led airstrikes before going to any peace talks.

There is interworking between Iran and Israeli to tear apart the region and the Arab world, spread sectarianism and sedition and destroy states and armies, he said.

The Houthis have been intensifying their assault on Marib for months in an attempt to take over the oil-rich province where the leadership of the government armed forces is based.

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