Attack on Yemen port blamed on Houthis

2021-09-12 | Since 9 Month

MOCHA (Debriefer)--Mocha seaport in west of Yemen's southwestern province of Taiz came under a missile and drone attack on Saturday.

The information centre of the joint forces, UAE-backed forces that are controlling the port, blamed the attack on the Houthi group.

The Iran-allied group ousted the internationally recognised government and seized power in late 2014. Its takeover sparked a civil war and a Saudi-led military campaign that have taken the country to the edge of massive famine.

The attack was carried out with four missiles and three explosives-laden drones and occurred as a government delegation arrived to reopen the port which has been closed for years.

It caused damage to infrastructure but there were no casualties, according to state media.

Local sources said the missiles and drones were fired from Houthi positions at the Sharab Intersection in north of Taiz.

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