Yemen Houthis rejects UN proposal to reopen Taiz roads

2022-06-25 | Since 2 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) The Houthi group officially rejects the UN proposal on reopening the roads in the Yemeni southwestern city of Taiz, Houthi senior negotiator told the UN special envoy for Yemen on Wednesday.
The Houthis adhere to their unilateral initiative the group introduced before the second round of Amman talks, Yahiya al-Rozami added in an official letter to Hans Grundberg.
The Osaifera-Sofitel road, which was proposed by the UN envoy, needs more study and will be discussed at the next common meeting, he said.
The Houthi official offered again the one-sided plan to open roads in two phases; the first would see the opening of Sala-Aba'ar-Sormain-Dimna-Hoban-Sana'a road, and Soraija-Karish-Rahida-Hoban-Sana'a road.
In the second phase, the 60meterSt.-50meterSt.-Air Defense-Nour City road would be reopened, but the Yemeni government would need to open Morais-Damt road.
After the two phases are accomplished, the two parties would study and discuss the reopening of roads in other governorates, particularly Marib-Nakhla-Jawf crossroads-Sana'a road, Rozami said.

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