Houthi shelling casualties increase to 34 Yemenis

2021-09-28 | Since 2 Year

Hajjah (Debriefer) Casualties left by Houthi missile attack on a national gathering in Hajjah increased to 34 people, official sources said Sunday.

The militia shelling claimed the livesof 12 Yemenis and caused variable injuries to 22 others, most of them are civilians, said local authorities in the Yemeni northwestern governorate of Hajjah.

Late on Saturday, a ballistic missile targeted residents of Midi while celebrating the 59 anniversary of Yemen's national day, for which the Iranian-backed Houthi group was blamed.

While no statement was released by the Houthis claiming responsibility for the attack, Hajjah local authorities in the official government blamed the group that shelled a similar gathering last year in Marib.

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