Yemen gov't calls int'l community to deal with crisis from new viewpoint

2022-12-26 | Since 3 Month

Ankara (Debriefer) The Yemeni foreign minister on Thursday called on the international community to deal with the crisis from new viewpoint, and to not loot at the country from humanitarian perspective only.
"Being seen from humanitarian perspective only, Yemen's problem won't be solved," FM Ahmed Bin Mubarak said in Ankara at a press conference with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu.
The Houthis have never been ready for peace negotiations," he added. They "rather hindered" talks.
Yemen always calls for Houthis be designated as a terrorist group, and urges Turkey to take firmer stance in this regard at global level, the Yemeni top diplomat said.
By rejecting all the calls for de-escalation and peace efforts, the Houthis fail the international community, which requires an end to a policy that proved to be a failure in propitiating the Houthis.
There should be a different approach stopping the Houthi destabilization of the regional and global security, holding the group accountable for violations against the Yemeni people and supporting the government decision to designate them as a terrorist group, Bin Mubarak argued.
"We reached a concord on the developments in Yemen, but Iran has a very negative position. While we made every kind of concessions with regards to ceasefire and peace, understandings haven't sustained."

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