Houthis use human shields in Dhalea: Yemeni gov't

2022-12-26 | Since 11 Month

Aden (Debriefer) The Iranian-backed Houthi group uses civilians as human shields in Morais district in the central governorate of Dhalea, the Yemeni human rights ministry said on Thursday.
The Houthis forced the locals in Ya'ais village, north Morais district, to erect tents in the main road known as a war zone, the ministry added in a statement.
The civilians will serve as a cover for Houthi moves and military preparations for attacks against the national army troops, according to the statement.
"This coward criminal act blatantly violates the right to life, and deliberately harms the international humanitarian law, which will have disastrous complications."
The HR ministry called on the international community to adopt a responsible stance and take swift steps to save innocent civilians.
No immediate remarks have been released by the Houthi group in reply to the Yemeni government accusations.

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