Yemeni gov't troops claim leaving Houthi fatalities in Sa'ada

2022-01-13 | Since 7 Month

Sa'ada (Debriefer) A number of Houthi fighters were killed on Tuesday, commander of the Yemeni third storm brigade said, after the militants tried to advance in Malaheez front, southwest the northern governorate of Sa'ada.
The Houthi fighters tried to infiltrate into national army sites in Kers al-Kalh Mont, General Mohamed al-Ajabi said in remarks carried by the Riyadh-based Saba.
The Houthi attackers were fended off with all kinds of light and medium machineguns, he added, as the operation left a number of the militants killed or injured.
The national army artillery targeted Houthi reinforcements that tried to reach battlefield, before being forced to retreat to far distances, the Yemeni general said.
While no immediate comments have been released by the Houthi group, al-Masyra TV said the Saudi-led coalition carried out eight airstrikes on telecommunication systems in al-Abdeen area, south Sa'ada city.
The coalition war planes also targeted Sa'ada city's water project tanks in Tolummas field, the Houthi-run channel added.

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