Yemen's Islah Party calls for Shabwa governor ouster, vows to withdraw

2022-08-14 | Since 2 Month

Aden (Debriefer) The Yemeni Islah Party of on Thursday night threatened to quit political life if Shabwa governor, Oudh al-Oulaqi, is not ousted and brought to justice over the infighting seen by the southeastern governorate this week.
In a statement, the Islamic party held Governor Oulaqi fully responsible for the clashes in Ataq city, Shabwa provincial capital, and resultant fatalities, lootings and chaos.
Oulaqi "rejected all the political, social and tribal efforts to contain the sedition, and led provocation and fighting acts – along with outlaw elements – using genocide weapons against Shabwa people and army and security personnel," says the statement.
The violence came "to implement non-nationalist agendas, with purposes of uprooting and excluding" the party.
"We call on the Presidential Leadership Council (LC) to fire and refer Oulaqi to investigation, otherwise Islah will have to reconsider its participation in all arenas."
The 8-member LC was formed last April with members representing the two rivals, the Islah Party and Southern Transitional Council (STC).
It is the responsibility of the LC to "hold accountable those involved in this crime and to correct the events fairly so as to rehabilitate the national battle fought by the people against the Houthi Iranian project and create political stability," the statement said.
The party called on the LC to redress damages suffered by Shabwa people, and to rehabilitate all the military and security units and personnel.
Ataq saw infighting that came to an end on Wednesday after STC-affiliated Shabwa Defense and Giant Brigades forces seized the city.

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